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Driven beta

Driven is a free cloud service giving you visibility and insight into developing and managing your data applications.


  • Accelerated application development cycles
  • Immediate application failure diagnosis
  • Improved application performance
  • Reduced cluster utilization costs

Unprecedented visibility and insight into your data applications

Driven is the only application performance management product designed to help developers and operations accelerate Cascading application development and management. A plug-in seamlessly collects internal run-time and execution metadata directly from any Cascading application. Driven provides comprehensive insights and unprecedented visibility into building your data applications:

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Cascading 2.5

Cascading applications now have full support and compatibility for both Apache Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2, including YARN.


  • Build robust applications that connect business and data
  • Easily mine, model, and analyze large sets of data
  • Quickly develop testable and reusable data processing applications
  • Leverage existing Java-based skill sets to develop complex applications
  • Minimize application failures
  • Integrate your application with Hadoop and critical systems

Simplifying application development of your data applications

Cascading is a proven application development framework for building Big Data applications. Acting as an abstraction layer, Cascading does the heavy lifting and converts your applications built on Cascading into MapReduce jobs that run effectively on top of Hadoop. It delivers a computation engine, systems integration, data processing and scheduling capabilities through common interfaces. Cascading runs on all popular Hadoop distributions, but is not limited to Hadoop:

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