Cascading 1.1.0 Now Available

Cascading 1.1.0 Now Available

We are happy to announce that Cascading 1.1.0 is now publicly available for download.

This release features many performance and usability enhancements while remaining backwards compatible with 1.0.


  • Performance optimizations with all join types
  • Numerous job planner optimizations
  • Dynamic optimizations when running in Amazon Elastic MapReduce and S3
  • API usability improvements
  • Support for TSV, CSV, and custom delimited text files
  • Support for manipulating and serializing non-Comparable custom Java types
  • Debug levels supported by the job planner

For a detailed list of changes see:

Along with this release are a number of extensions created by the Cascading user community.

Among these extension are:

  • Bixo – a data mining toolkit
  • DBMigrate – a tool for migrating data to/from RDBMSs into Hadoop
  • Apache HBase, Amazon SimpleDB, and JDBC integration
  • JRuby and Clojure based scripting languages for Cascading
  • Cascalog – a robust interactive extensible query language

This release will run against Hadoop 0.18.3, 0.19.x, and 0.20.x. Including Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

Note the tests will not compile or run against Hadoop 0.18.3 due to package changes since that version.