Concurrent, Inc. Delivers the First Application Performance Management Product for Big Data Applications

Concurrent, Inc. Delivers the First Application Performance Management Product for Big Data Applications

A Free Cloud Service, Driven Delivers Unmatched Visibility and Control to Big Data Applications

SAN FRANCISCOFeb. 4, 2014Concurrent, Inc., the enterprise Big Data application platform company, today announced Driven, the industry’s first application performance management product for Big Data applications. Driven is purpose-built to address the pain points of enterprise application development and application performance management on Apache Hadoop™.

There is strong demand for a solution that helps Hadoop users quickly get to the bottom of their data application failures and performance problems. Driven enables developers, data analysts, data scientists and operations to see key application metrics in real-time, so that they can isolate and resolve problems immediately. The end results are stable, highly reliable applications that enterprises can depend on to deliver against their Big Data strategies.

Driven provides unprecedented visibility and control to Big Data applications developed, managed and deployed on Hadoop. Driven is a free cloud service and is an integral part of the Cascading community, where users can collaborate across organizations and get help from community experts.

Driven enables developers and enterprises to:

  • Accelerate Time to Market
    Dramatically reduce the time to application production with process visualization and monitoring capabilities. Quickly understand complex applications and data flows by drilling-down into each application at runtime through a rich user interface to accelerate your test-driven development cycle.
  • Build Reliable Applications
    Gain detailed insight into your data processing logic and algorithms, and ensure that they are executing properly. Key application metrics around each data process are surfaced to provide insights around data accuracy.
  • Optimize Application Performance
    Understand the performance and capacity of the applications running on your infrastructure. Key application behavior metrics, such as data skew and runtime parallelization, provide insights to application behavior. Also, compare with historical data to trend application performance whether in development or in production.

Cascading Users Rejoice

With more than 130,000 monthly downloads and 6,000 deployments, Cascading is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of Big Data applications. All Cascading users can leverage Driven to optimize the development and deployment of their Cascading applications, including users of popular domain-specific languages (DSL) built on Cascading, i.e. Scalding (Scala DSL on Cascading), Cascalog (Clojure DSL on Cascading), Lingual (ANSI SQL on Cascading) and Pattern (Predictive Model Scoring on Cascading).

Cascading users can drop in the free plug-in in minutes by visiting Once installed, Driven immediately begins collecting telemetry data from your running applications, enabling Cascading users to visualize their data applications, diagnose and quickly resolve application failures and performance problems. Cascading and Driven together deliver a one-two punch that knocks out the complexity in Big Data application development.

Supporting Quotes

“We build Big Data applications on Cascading and rely on these applications to run our service. Driven is a much-needed addition to deploying and managing our Cascading applications on a day-to-day basis.”

-David Amusin, CTO, Copilot

“Given the rapid adoption of Hadoop, we fully embrace partners that are focused on helping enterprises develop Big Data applications on Apache Hadoop in a more collaborative, streamlined fashion. We look forward to the success, control and visibility that Driven will bring to Hadoop deployments in the enterprise.”

-John Kreisa, vice president strategic marketing, Hortonworks

“Driven is a powerful step forward in delivering on the full promise of connecting business with Big Data. Gone are the days when developers must dig through log files for clues to slow performance or failures of their data processing applications. The release of Driven further enables enterprise users to develop data oriented applications on Apache Hadoop in a more collaborative, streamlined fashion. Driven is the key to unlock enterprises’ ability to drive differentiation through data. There’s a lot more to come – this is only the beginning.”

-Chris Wensel, founder and CTO, Concurrent, Inc.

Availability and Pricing

Driven will be available in public beta this week at and is offered as a free cloud service as part of the Cascading community.

Driven is free for development. To request a quote for a production license or to evaluate Driven in your data center, contact Driven will be generally available in Q2 2014, with additional operations features and deployment options.

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Concurrent, Inc. delivers the #1 application development platform for Big Data applications. Concurrent builds application infrastructure products that are designed to help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale on Apache Hadoop™.

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