Concurrent Tool Optimizes Hadoop Big Data App Performance

Concurrent Tool Optimizes Hadoop Big Data App Performance

Concurrent Tool Optimizes Hadoop Big Data App Performance
Christopher Tozzi, The VAR Guy
February 4, 2014

Another Big Data application designed to simplify data analysis using the open source Hadoop platform has hit the channel. Concurrent has announced the release of Driven, a free cloud service that it describes as “the industry’s first application performance management product for Big Data applications.”

Driven is designed to help developers and data analysts optimize the performance of Big Data applications by providing application metrics in real time. It also offers visualization features for diagnosing application problems as they occur. Insights such as these enable administrators to find inefficiencies and tweak performance, with the end result of shortening the time required to reap the results of Big Data operations.

Driven runs on top of Concurrent’s Big Data application framework, Cascading, which has 6,000 deployments and sees more than 130,000 downloads each month, according to the company. Cascading users can download the Driven plug-in for testing now from the platform’s website. Concurrent promises general availability of the product, along with “additional operations features and deployment options,” in Q2 of 2014.

The product is another example of both the maturation of the open source Hadoop Big Data platform, which now enjoys widespread adoption, and demand for solutions that simplify Hadoop deployment. It’s a natural addition to Concurrent’s suite of Hadoop products, which also includes a variety of programming interfaces that allow data analysts to use data languages they probably already know well—such as SQL in the case of Cascading Lingual, which Concurrent released in November 2013—to connect to Hadoop.

Concurrent is currently offering Driven, which is a cloud-based service, for no cost for development purposes. It will require a license for production operations.