Concurrent, Inc. and Databricks Partner to Make Enterprise Data Application Development Simpler, Faster, Smarter

Concurrent, Inc. and Databricks Partner to Make Enterprise Data Application Development Simpler, Faster, Smarter

Strategic Partnership Answers Customer Demand by Bringing Together Leading Open Source Platforms – Cascading and Apache Spark

SAN FRANCISCO and BERKELEY – May 13, 2014Concurrent, Inc., the enterprise data application platform company, and Databricks, the company founded by the creators of Apache Spark, today announced a strategic partnership to enable Cascading to seamlessly operate over Spark, a next generation Big Data processing engine that supports batch, interactive and streaming workloads at scale. This partnership will enable both companies to meet customer demand for simpler and more flexible enterprise application development and give the thousands of enterprises using Cascading the ability to leverage Spark, which is now a part of all major Hadoop distributions, and also available from enterprise database and NoSQL vendors.

While enterprises are heavily investing in building data-centric applications to operationalize their data, these data applications must be able to meet business requirements that vary in latency, scale and service levels. To meet these requirements, enterprises are leveraging Spark’s unique in-memory computing capabilities and full breadth of functionality to deliver the necessary speed and sophistication required for data processing at scale.

Enterprises looking to run their data applications on Spark will be able to leverage Cascading, the proven framework that simplifies enterprise application development. With more than 150,000 downloads a month, Cascading is the enterprise development framework of choice for building data-centric applications, and can soon be utilized to build robust data applications and deploy them at scale on Spark. This ability provides enterprises the flexibility to easily adapt their data applications to meet business challenges and solve a variety of business problems ranging from simple to complex, regardless of latency or scale.

Concurrent and Databricks are empowering enterprises to simplify their data application development, while providing the flexibility and performance benefits of Spark. Developers can leverage Cascading’s framework for robust, easy and seamless application development with Spark’s execution engine for maximum performance and versatility. These benefits extend to any Cascading-based dynamic programming language, including Scalding, Cascalog, Lingual, Pattern and Driven. With Driven, enterprises will gain operational visibility to their data applications running on Spark, accelerating the time to market for their applications.

Cascading will add Spark support in the near future and both are freely licensable under the Apache 2.0 License Agreement. For more information and notification of availability please visit us at

Supporting Quotes

“As the open source Hadoop community has evolved, Spark has emerged as a key addition to the burgeoning ecosystem of frameworks that provide application builders new ways to generate insight from the large volumes of data in the enterprise. Cloudera, the first commercial distribution to provide support for Spark, is excited to see the addition of Spark to Cascading and Driven, key technologies used by enterprise application developers. With the partnership of Concurrent and Cloudera, and certification of Cascading on CDH 5, Cloudera customers can rely on building highly scalable applications on top of the Concurrent platform.”
-Jairam Ranganathan, Director of Product, Cloudera

“One of our primary goals is to drive broad adoption of Spark and ensure a great experience for users. By partnering with Concurrent, all the developers who already use Cascading will be able to deploy their applications on Spark, while Spark users benefit from direct access to all of the benefits of Cascading and Driven. We are committed to open source and partnering with proven market leaders like Concurrent to drive new growth and innovation in the Big Data community.”
-Ion Stoica, CEO, Databricks

“New business problems demand applications that can connect business and data. As the community gets serious about building data applications, we’re supporting the emergence of new fabrics to give users maximum choice and flexibility in building and deploying their Big Data apps. Concurrent continues to set the industry standard for building data applications and Databricks is an ideal partner to extend the adoption and contribute to the core functionality of Cascading and Driven.”
-Gary Nakamura, CEO, Concurrent, Inc.

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About Databricks
Databricks is using cutting-edge technology based on years of research to build next-generation software for analyzing and extracting value from data. Its founders created Apache Spark and Shark, and are deeply committed to open source. Based in Berkeley, California, Databricks is venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz.

About Concurrent, Inc.
Concurrent, Inc. is the leader in Big Data application infrastructure, delivering products that help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale. The company’s flagship enterprise solution, Driven, was designed to accelerate the development and management of enterprise data applications. Concurrent is the team behind Cascading™, the most widely deployed technology for data applications with more than 150,000 user downloads a month. Used by thousands of businesses including eBay, Etsy, The Climate Corp and Twitter, Cascading is the de facto standard in open source application infrastructure technology. Concurrent is headquartered in San Francisco and online at


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