Concurrent, Inc. to Present at DataWeek + API World 2014

Concurrent, Inc. to Present at DataWeek + API World 2014

Supreet Oberoi to Deliver Sessions on Using Cascading to Build Applications for IoT, and Creating Complex Machine Scoring Applications with Cascading Pattern

SAN FRANCISCO Sept. 10, 2014 – Concurrent, Inc., the leader in data application infrastructure, today announced that Supreet Oberoi, vice president of field engineering, will deliver two sessions at the third annual DataWeek + API World 2014, taking place Sept. 16-17 in San Francisco. This two-day conference and expo is the largest event for engineers and executives to discuss the role of data and API innovation on business, technology and society.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum, and the number of connected devices exponentially increases, so too, does the generation of Big Data. However, with the vast troves of complex Big Data being generated by these connected devices, the IoT is becoming less of a mega trend and more of a mega data problem.

At DataWeek + API World 2014, Supreet will deliver a talk on Cascading, the most widely used and deployed application development framework for building data-driven applications, and how it supports the convergence of IoT and Big Data. Additionally, Supreet will speak on Cascading Pattern, a standards-based scoring engine that leverages Cascading and enables data scientists to use large amounts of small data produced by smart devices and run predictive data models at scale.

Concurrent Presentations At-A-Glance

What: “Using Cascading to Build Data-Driven Applications for the Internet of Things
Who: Supreet Oberoi, vice president of field engineering, Concurrent, Inc.
When: Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 10:45 a.m. PT
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Session Description
With affordable Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) manufacturing economics, and the networking protocols solving the kinks to connect low-powered devices, we are on the verge of unleashing the promise of ubiquitous computing with the Internet of Things. However, data-driven applications built to provide context and awareness for these new use cases will have their own unique constraints. While these applications will have to adapt to the optimal technologies of today, they must also be prepared to quickly leverage new innovations in analytics as – and when – they come.

In this session, Supreet will discuss the challenges in mining machine data, and how the Cascading development framework can be used to build data applications – ultimately fulfilling all constraints with IoT applications.

What: “Data Science at Scale! Creating Complex Machine Scoring Applications with Cascading Pattern
Who: Supreet Oberoi, vice president of field engineering, Concurrent, Inc.
When: Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. PT
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Session Description
Cascading Pattern is an open source project that takes models trained in popular analytics frameworks, such as SAS, Microstrategy, SQL Server, etc., and runs them at scale on Apache Hadoop. With Pattern, developers can use a Java API to create complex machine learning applications, such as recommenders or fraud detection. Pattern effectively lowers the barrier of adoption to Apache Hadoop for developers because developers can use existing skill sets to immediately begin building these complex applications.

In this presentation, Supreet will provide sample code that will show applications using predictive models built in SAS and R, such as anti-fraud classifiers. Additionally, Supreet will compare variations of models for enterprise-class customer experiments.

About the Speaker
Bringing more than 20 years of enterprise software experience in successfully developing transformative information technologies, Supreet Oberoi is vice president of field engineering for Concurrent, Inc.

Previously, Supreet served as Big Data technical evangelist and director of Big Data technical delivery for American Express. Combining business acumen with technical insights and strong execution skills, he developed reference architectures and new enterprise-level capabilities with the Hadoop stack using Map Reduce, HBase, Hive, Solr, Mahout, sqoop and many proprietary “big data” technologies. Prior to American Express, Supreet held several vice president, director and senior-level positions at Agile Software, oneREV, Oracle and RTI.

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About Concurrent, Inc.
Concurrent, Inc. is the leader in data application infrastructure, delivering products that help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale. The company’s flagship enterprise solution, Driven, was designed to accelerate the development and management of enterprise data applications. Concurrent is the team behind Cascading, the most widely deployed technology for data applications with more than 175,000 user downloads a month. Used by thousands of businesses including eBay, Etsy, The Climate Corp and Twitter, Cascading is the de facto standard in open source application infrastructure technology. Concurrent is headquartered in San Francisco and online at


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