Key Takeaways

Solusi247 integrated Cascading into it’s ETL application used to analyze call data records for it’s telco customers.  Developers are able to provide differentiated functionality in it’s application, while under the hood, Cascading creates optimized MapReduce jobs.


Solusi247 chose Cascading for these complex Hadoop processing applications. Cascading is now part of the company’s GRID247 framework for ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and analytical data processes. Solusi247 purchased an OEM license and level 3 support and are embedding Cascading into their GRID247 framework. The Cascading OEM agreement also satisfies their customers’ requirements for indemnification for components of the GRID247 software stack.


Cascading delivers the ability to create flexible data processes that can be adjusted, dispatched and scheduled easily. Under the hood, Cascading creates optimized MapReduce jobs while allowing developers to extend its functionality easily. Cascading has enabled Solusi247 to address the market sooner and is giving them a leg up on future competition for Hadoop-based solutions.

Solusi247’s customers need to extract information from multi-Terabyte data sets for revenue assurance, social network analysis, marketing analysis, data warehousing, sales and distribution, partner relationship management, loyalty and other applications. These customers will now have the ability to create flexible data processing and analysis applications that meet the specific needs of their businesses on top of a very scalable architecture.

“Licensing Cascading for use in our product was an easy decision,” noted Beno Pradekso, CEO, Solusi247, Inc. “It is indispensable for our solutions, providing flexible, efficient process management for use with Hadoop. Cascading will make it easier for our customers to extract value from large data sets and improve their business results.”

In the future, Solusi247 plans to use Cascading as part of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) solutions, leveraging Cascading’s flexible processing and extensibility to build additional valuable products for their customers.